Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Blossom Chair

I bought this chair some time ago and tucked it away. I just loved it's style and shape. This vintage chair has been sitting patiently and waiting for me to make a decision. Do I paint it, stain it, leave it? Do I recover all or some of it? Sometimes I just have to let things sit and stew before I become inspired to make a move.

So, the Red Market seemed the perfect opportunity to drag out the chair and consider the options. The original vinyl fabric was retro-cool, but was too worn to keep. The chair is solid, but had been loved for many years as the wood seems to indicate. So, I decided to keep the original fabric on only one part of the chair (come in and find out where), stick with the original wood (I didn't want to change it's history too much), and I decided to pick a vibrant fabric to make the high back on this chair pop!

If I had a spot in my house I would keep it, but like so many things I's off to Confectionique. Come see this fun chair at our Red Market beginning on Thursday, February 9th!

Au revior,

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