Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Chance

I really should have just talked with Bloom Bake Shop when I started planning for my Crafting Sister’s birthday shindig. But I thought to myself “I need to keep this simple.” My rationale was since I live quite a distance from Confectionique and since Bloom would be closed the evening of the party, I had no other choice then to order a birthday cake from my local grocery store.

I called my order in for the cake to a very nice young man and he said “no problem.” Next morning I receive a message on both my phones from a “baker” named Esther, a young, very crabby sounding woman; “Um, this is Esther and I just want you to know I don’t do anything Paaaris (snotty emphasis here) on cakes, so you will have to call me back before I start anything.” Click.

So, I called Esther back. Esther said, “Yeah, well if I did anything like and Eiffelll Towwwer or Paaaris, I wouldn’t be working here would I?” Essentially Esther was saying, 'I really don’t want to work with you on your stupid Paaaaris cake.'

Next I call Bloom and a sweet sounding voice answered the phone, pleased as punch to take my order. Then, I get a call from Annemarie, “Anastasia, I have Jessica’s birthday on my calendar and was so ready to make her a beautiful Paris-inspired cake!" Naturally, Annemarie will have a cake ready when I needed it and with some special requests for my Crafting Sister: no caramel, the frosting can’t be too thick and it has to be chocolate.

So, my last chance to get the best birthday cake for my Crafting Sister turned out to be the best chance. And, I should have known better to call Bloom Bake Shop in the first place. We hope to see you this evening for our Last Chance market from 5 to 8 pm this evening and enjoy a slice of what is certain to be a decadent chocolate, made from scratch, to-die-for, Bloom Baked birthday cake made special for my Crafting Sister. Bon Anniversaire Jessica!

Au revoir,

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