Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The crazy things we do

Ok, so I have at least 40 presents left to wrap (seriously) and some crafting in there somewhere too. What do I decide to do?  A re-do of my craft room.  Yes, again.  I can't stand it when I try to work on something and there's this chance of another project that could be completed so easily by just doing a few things.  So I'm just going to bring a piece of furniture from our basement, move my sewing table, switch it for my cubbies and put everything back into its place.  This will all be completed in record breaking time so that I can clean off my work space to make room for more wrapping.  And then pick up my little guy at pre-school at noon.  And isn't Valentine's Day just around the corner?

Please tell me I'm not the only one that operates this way!

Here's to completing the last minute tasks (as crazy as they may be) of the season.
May your hustle bustle be filled with smiles, good cheer and a cup of coffee (or two).

The Crafting Sisters,
Jessica & Anastasia

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