Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Deer, seriously!

I never saw a real-live deer until I moved to Wisconsin. Growing up in the city in California one misses out on experiencing nature first hand. Seriously, imagine not seeing a real-live, in-person deer until about 1982.

The very first time was during the start of the snowy weather when I lived in Alaska. Our apartment rested against a lovely line of trees.  I was peeking out the window watching the snow flakes float gently to the ground. Suddenly the most beautiful doe stood staring at me.  I didn't see her approach. She just seemed to suddenly appear. She was so close to the window that her nose was nearly pressed against it. She had glistening eyes and snow on the tip of her nose from burrowing in the ground searching for food. Was she smiling at me or just chewing on an old leaf, I wondered. We continued to study each other, captivated and intrigued.  Suddenly, one of my toddlers came barreling down the stairs calling my name...and the magic ended. I turned to check on my child and quickly looked back through the window again. She was gone.

I will have a sweet collection of vintage deer at the shop during our special Merci Mon Ami market on Thursday, December 8 from 5pm-8pm. Believe it or not, it's a little difficult to see them go. I see a little bit of that sweet doe in each of them....

Bon Hiver,

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