Monday, November 21, 2011

I love my glue gun, sometimes

Find these Santa Tussie Mussies at the Fete de  Bon Hiver!
I have been working away in my little "Santa Craft Room" for several days now. A little sewing here, a little glitter there....but one of my mainstays continues to be my trusty, although crusty with old glue, glue gun. There are times when I have several projects going on at once. I start with one project, look over my shoulder to see another idea, look on the counter behind me to see yet another something I can do. The whirlwind in my head never seems to quiet when I am in my crafting mode. It could be a good thing...except when there is an attack of the glue gun.

So, I am, par usual, working on three things at once and while looking over my shoulder I aimed by glue gun incorrectly and pressed and quite large amount of very hot and gooey glue onto my finger. I will let you decide what I might have said at that very moment, but it isn't something I utter often. Anyway, as I launch my burning finger into my mouth (did you expect me to do something sensible like run to the sink?), I burned my lip. Not only did I burn my lip, but the Super glue that I also somehow rubbed on my hot finger, made my finger stick to my lip. Naturally, I pulled my flaming finger from my sticky lip and manged to take some skin with it. So, here I am in my craftroom with a burned finger and a lip missing part of it's skin, but no finished project.
Bon Hiver!
I still have a fat, somewhat oozing lower lip, but the vintage Santa tussie mussies I finally finished look very festive indeed. You will see these and other lovely things at our Fete de Bon Hiver Craft Faire on Saturday, November 26, 6-10pm.  We hope to see you there for live music and crafty frivolity!

Bon Hiver,

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