Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The French Connection!

A Small Sample of Our Collection
 We met Daniel and his wife in Paris in September, during one of our several visits to the popular Vanves street market.  Daniel and his wife are “bouquinistes,” merchants who specialize in rare books and rare papers.  I fell in love with his antique, turn-of-the-20th-century postcards.  They are beyond sweet . . .

I bought as many of his whimsical cards as I could . . . sent originally to friends and loved ones to mark birthdays and holidays (even April Fool’s Day – look for the ones with silly pictures of people holding a fish!).  Some were even sent just to say nothing more than hello or “I’m thinking of you” – an Edwardian version of the modern text message!

An Edwardian April Fools!
The last time we saw Daniel at the Vanves market, I had a nagging feeling we had not bought enough of his postcards.  On a whim, my hubby Adam urged me to get his contact info.  I did, and as soon as I got home I fired off a letter and the sixty Euros in cash we had brought home.  Weeks went by.  I began to worry.

The Connection Comes Through!
Yesterday, my faith was rewarded.  In the mail was a bright and colorful “La Poste” priority envelope marked “Surprise!”  (Yes, it’s a French word, actually.)  And inside . . .

We’ll have some of these sweet cards and other ephemera at the Harvest Market this week, Thursday-Sunday, November 10-13.  I hope we see you there!

Au Revoir,


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