Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off to the Races!

It's quite exciting to see my daughter go from a student in the Wausau school district to a high school teacher  and coach. She loves it.  Her husband equally loves the challenge of teaching and coaching. They are cross county assistant coaches for rival teams in Wausau, but you wouldn't know it. Although they certainly have strong allegiances to their team- they also support the other - wanting all the kids to have a positive experience, race as hard as their legs will carry them and to grow from the experience of accomplishing a long, hard run.

It makes me think about how important it is that as a community of crafters we all support and encourage one another too. Although the world of crafting is growing-we are still a small group. It's hard to get yourself out there and show your wares- hoping that others will appreciate your hard work and creativity. I think it's good to stick together, encourage creativity and root for each other. This is the reason we decided to put together our first annual Fete de Bon Hiver Craft Faire. It's a festival. It' an opportunity to bring together and support our small crafting community in a lovely setting and invite all of you! More information to come.....(ps..that's suppose to be the teaser)

Au revoir
Anastasia and Jessica

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