Saturday, September 3, 2011

Truly re-purposing

So after our Make a Whimsical Banner class (which was such a delightful evening-thank you ladies!) Anastasia and I had a lot of work to do before she would be able to leave for Spain.  She told me that there's a lot of stuff in her van.  I've heard this before so I wasn't concerned about us getting it done.  We opened the back of her van and it was indeed stuffed full of treasures.  Here was the problem though-my crafting sister just had her hair done for her trip and it was pouring rain.  Time to think fast.  A hat perhaps?  No-wait-a plastic bag refashioned into a rain bonnet. Remember the hair bonnets?  When I was 7, I thought that my grandmother never looked cooler than when she whipped out her carefully folded rain bonnet, covered in bright pink flower pattern and tied it over her freshly done do.  So here's a glimpse of our Tuesday evening.  I have a feeling that my crafting sister didn't bring this specially made rain bonnet to Spain cool as it looks.

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