Friday, September 16, 2011

Some things never change....

When we were wandering through the ancient sculptures exhibit at the Louvre, one particular piece of ancient art caught my eye. It's the sculpture of a young child and woman.  I like to imagine this is a  mother and child interaction. Just look at the intent on the child's face and in his gestures, he is seriously being annoying. Now look at the expression on the woman's face. Doesn't she appear tired and fed up?

This could be a child begging for a new pair of Roman sandals, you know the kind all the other kids get to wear to the Coliseum or it could be a child begging for the latest video game that all the other kids in the neighborhood get to play.

Can't you just hear the "Please, Caesar's Mom is going to let him go and watch the lions eat the gladiators, you never let me do anything."  It just made me chuckle thinking about all my experiences as a tired Mom.

Au revior,

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