Monday, September 5, 2011

Sleeping with history….

Adam and I asked our two British friends how old buildings in Jimena are. Neither one really knew, but said that many of the structures have been built upon over and over again throughout the centuries.  

Much of the villa where we are staying seems so authentic. From the rough appearing, yet smooth, soft surface of the tiled floors, the aged beams slightly bent from years of holding up the second floor to the stucco walls with it’s bumps and cracks to the decorative ironwork that frame the staircase. The furniture that grace each of the rooms is chunky and large - exhibiting years of use. The linens and fabrics are cottons and velvet and are soft from wear. The art on the walls are colorful and bold with multi-ethnic origins from Asian to Moroccan. 

There is an abundance of tile, granite and stucco and the terraces are lined with exotic plants that birds swoop in to enjoy. All the things you would conjure up in your mind about Spanish décor, we have found here in our sweet piece of history. I wonder, if these walls could talk with would they say about the lives of those who lived here centuries before our stay?


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