Saturday, September 10, 2011

A shot in time....

If only I could capture the perfect pic of Luxembourg Gardens
 While Adam and I were at Luxembourg Gardens today I observed a couple that kinda reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island. The two had a small digital camera and were being quite serious about it.

They took great pains posing each other just perfectly to get that perfect shot. They were dragging around the metal chairs for the perfect lighting and then took turns posing one another. Mrs. Howell said, "Now darling I would like you to sit here and tilt to the side, now cross your legs, good, now give me a look of seriousness as if you are reading a good piece of literature." He obliged. It appeared to me that the photo must have turned out perfect, but apparently not since she made him repeat this pose and gesture several times.

Next it was wifies turn. Mr. Howell said, "Darling, tuck in your blouse and push the hair back from your sit up straight and smile, but not too much." She obliged. This too was repeated several times. Neither seemed frustrated with their challenge to get the perfect picture, but actually seemed to be enjoying the process.

I can understand this desire to get the perfect shot, and you know how it is, no picture ever truly captures the true wonder of the moment, the colors, the feelings, the time....but we never stop trying.

Click, Click
Au revoir,

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