Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pinch Me-I think I'm leaving for Paris!

Some of my friends know that I have had a few bumps along the road in preparing for our Paris trip (We leave Sunday to meet Anastasia and Adam!) A cancellation in childcare and a  French apartment owner not responding to our request to verify accommodations raised the stress levels around here.  But thanks to dear friends, my sister and a Frenchman verifying our stay, all is ready for us to leave.  Oh wait except-the laundry, the packing, the meal plan, the groceries, the finances, the schedule for my kids, the cleaning, the emergency numbers, the dogs, the cats, the hedgehog, the fish.  So, things are revving up over here-kind of more like an organized frenzy.  I am packing as much as I can accomplish in a day while my kids are at school.

Then, there's the part where I want to spend time with my little chicks.  Just being with them and without having to worry about undone tasks.

And finally there's that moment when I'm sitting in the plane, my overstuffed carry on bag filled with all of the little projects I have been dying to work on and are approved by the FAA. (Did you know you can buy a round thread cutter-very sweet actually and can be worn around one's neck and is used in place of scissors.Perfect for embroidery projects and long flights!) The engines start, the cabin air changes and all of the overhead compartments have all been slammed shut. The seatbelt sign lights up and all electronic devices are turned off.  It's usually that moment when I realize I am on vacation.  Wish me luck-72 hours left to get it together!  See you soon Crafting Sister!

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