Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In five hours you will be in Paris...

We left our house on Sunday at 2pm and arrived on Monday at 3:10pm Paris time. This means we traveled from 2:30pm until 8am the next day. That wasn't the tough part. Here's the rest of the story...

We are settled in our seats looking forward to the red French wine Air France serves along with what is usually a very nice meal. I am looking forward to an uninterrupted meal next my hubby. The two of us arm to arm sipping our wine and eating with plastic silverware. Suddenly, a flight attendant says something about Le cuisine ne pas, non manger et l'eau minerale. My high school and college year of French kicks into high gear. Merde-I realize we are not eating for some reason. I deduce that we are instead getting water.(?). My David is fast asleep and I decide to just enjoy the online movie. I began to get tired.

Suddenly, another message over the intercom-l'aero, dans Le Montreal, technical difficulties. I wake my slumbering hubby. I catch him up to date with the news of no meal and we're landing in Montreal for technical problems. Sigh. When these things happen, I try to always think: this is happening for a reason-the universe needs you to experience this. We land in Montreal where we are greeted by at least four large fire trucks. We press our faces agains the teeny plexi glass window-how many firefighters are out there? They check everything and determine that a strange smell was detected in one of the bathrooms that smelled electrical. They re-fuel us and after sitting on the plane for 2 hours, we are headed back into the air.

Just as we are taking off, my cell phone begins ringing and a voicemail is left. Very strange since we could not make any calls while waiting out our 2 hours. Did I mention we couldn't call to verify our apartment in Paris either? I check the number-it's our sitter. It's 3:05am there. We can't check the message b/c we are to have all electronic devices off. David is wide awake again too.

Much discussion is given to wondering if something awful happened or was it just our uber-responsible nanny leaving us an update. We run throughout the bad possibilities and David decides to see if there is a phone on the plane. They respond that there are phones but they are not sure if they are working. David disappears towards the front of the plane. The captain tells David that even if there is an emergency, they do not receive any notification-even from the ticket counter. The captain tells David: "All I can tell you for sure is that in 5 hours, you will be in Paris." A perfect new mantra.

We decide that there's nothing we can do and chances are that it is all ok. A bit more red wine and we are dosing off to sleep. David is almost snoring with his little plane blanket and I am finally giving in to my newfound mantra. The plane cabin is very dark and almost everyone is sleeping. Suddenly there is a loud scream directly across the aisle from me. A man jumps up, appearing very sweaty and agitated. He runs to the back of the plane. I tap the woman that was sitting in his aisle and ask if he's ok. She's as confused and concerned as I am. The man returns with several flight attendants. The man next to him is extremely pale and very confused. Another passenger, possibly a doctor speaks with him, sugar water is given to him and he is taken to the bathroom. I repeat my mantras.

I try once again to fall asleep. Letting go of any possible emergency back home and of any concerns that we may not have a place to stay except for Adam and Stasia's couch. Finally, I drift off and sleep for two hours.

We wake as we are told that we will be landing in an hour. We land and are able to check all of the worries off our list. The phone call from home is our amazing sitter just letting us know all is OK, and our apartment owner verifies that we have a place to stay. We pick up ur bags and head off to take the train into Paris. That is until my luggage gets stuck in the ticket gate at the Metro...

Au revoir,


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