Wednesday, September 14, 2011

French Connection

There's something to be said that practice makes perfect. Although my crafting sister and I are far beyond perfect when it comes to our French or wheeling and dealing....we are getting better at it...and we are making some business friends along the way.

We now visit with Madame each morning and she shows us the new items she's brought for us to see. She now knows we are very

interested in all things vintage lace, threads and patterns. She also knows we need to be able to pack our treasures in a limited space and get them home safely. "Ah, you need petit items because you have small baggage!" She replies as we explain our space dilemma. She wants us to stop again tomorrow morning...which we will. Then there's Leon, always with a bright smile even so early in the morning. He knows that we are looking for ephemera, old books and little trinkets. He sweetly charms us with all his compliments. The button man knows we are there to find vintage buttons, ribbons and other bric a brac...and he always gives us a little more meters for free for being good customers. Then there's our Monsieur who knows we are looking for any unique small vintage items like cards, key chains and vintage jewelry. He always throws in a little something sweet for good measure. Today, he gave us matching earrings because "we are sisters".

Even our hubbies helped us search high and low for finds. It was a wonderful morning full of digging for treasures and chatting with the local vendors. Our favorite French connections know we will return bright and early tomorrow morning and are certain to have more options. Although the searching and buying is a blast, there's something special about truly connecting with others across the globe from where you live.

Au revoir,

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