Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unwrapping a crafting surprise

The reveal!

I couldn't believe my luck when I came across this old sewing table. I decided it would make a perfect craft nook for someone who has very limited space for crafting. Actually, over the past year we have had so many women tell us that they longed for a sweet space for creating, but couldn't find a spot anywhere in their home.

This little table can start off as a side table in any room and then, Voila, it becomes a craft-lover's mini paradise!  

First removed the old machine and then finished the inside to hold craft supplies. I did the same for the inside of the chair and I added a darling bag on the outside which perfectly holds scrapbook papers, scissors...you name it. And topped it off with an adoreable seat cushion. So, here you are, an all in one craft station. 

Stop by our Bon Bon Market August 11,12, 13 or 14 to take a peek inside this pretty little craft nook.

Inside the table-ready for supplies

Storage inside the chair

Add your scrapping supplies too

Sweet Bee embellishment
Au revoir, Anastasia

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  1. That turned out so cute! If I still had an apartment, I would definitely have wanted something like that! It's important to have a reserved craft work space, but also to have the storage. It's difficult to get going when supplies are so tucked away, that it's a pain to get them out. It's such a unique piece too -- I've never seen anything like it. :)