Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty Peinture

Panels at a Patisserie

The Colors of Paris
 In Paris window shopping is like looking at dreamy mix of color and texture, creativity and style. As your can imagine the p√Ętisserie (pastry) shops are simply divine with all it's edible and colorful treats to entice you, but even the pet stores and fromage shops are not without attention to detail. 
From busy boulevards to tiny side streets, you can't help but notice the attention to detail. The lovely lime-sage greens with gold detail of the lamp posts at the Place de la Concorde or the beautifully painted panels that hug the entrances of many cafes. 

We are delighted to bring you the colors of Paris with this collection of sumptious paints. Ooh la la, the creative possibilities are endless. 

You will find these pretty peintures along with other treats at our bon bon Market. 

Au revior, Anastasia

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