Friday, July 22, 2011

Hither and Yon

Look! There's still room!
I took my new Town & Country with special stow-away seat action to the town of Wausau and the countryside of Merrill in search of treasures for Confectionique. My daughter and I had a blast bidding at auctions, combing through an estate sale, and thrifting at resale shops.

My new found friends

Hand made dolls- sweet in a funny sort of way
As you can see, I had no difficulty stowing away many linens, furniture pieces and knickknacks. Feel free to stop by Confectionique for our Bon Bon market in August to get a real gander at many of the fun finds.

Ms. Cluck the duck, Wally the Elf, Randall the Reindeer and the twins, Talula and Balula will be there too.

Where to next? "Habada, habada, who will give me a 10? 10, 10, how about 5? Someone give me a dollar. Holla if you can give me a dolla. And sold to the lovely lady with the pile of treasures for a dolla!"

You sure gotta love the auctioneers that will give you a box of goodies for a dolla!

Au revoir,

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