Thursday, July 14, 2011

Curb Appeal

So before work on the day I was driving to the polls and while wearing my favorite Ann Taylor white dress and wedge heals I suddenly stopped the car in front of a house. Not because the house had one of the loveliest gardens I have seen in a long time, but because sitting at the edge of the lawn was the most scrumptiously painted cabinet.

As the car idled in front of the house I thought, "Could I lift that thing into the car by myself and not scuff up my lovely dress?" I drove off, but made it about 2 blocks before I whipped the car around and parked in the lovely garden house driveway. I knocked on the door- with no response. So, assuming the cabinet was meant for the trash or left special for Confectionique, I decided it needed to go home with me.

I had an afghan in the back of my car that I tucked into the front of my dress and then with all my might lifted the cabinet as it slid perfectly into the trunk, voila!.  I looked kinda stupid to the neighbors I'm sure,  but, when I get so focused on a plan I lose all thoughts of how ridiculous I must seem to others.

I left a note of thanks and drove off.

To see just how darling this trash to treasure is, stop by the Bon Bon Market on August 11-14, but I don't think I can sell it as it just looks way too Confectionique.

Au revior, Anastasia

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