Friday, July 15, 2011


To My Crafting Heaven
Ah, the sweet smell of a freshly painted room where everything has a place to be. Here is my new craft room, crisp and new and filled with all sorts of old stuff and favorite stuff and fabric and little gems all in jars. It kinda looks like a candy room for crafting! I made special stations for glue gunning and assembly, sewing and ironing. 

The sewing space is a sweet little nook that was once a closet. I ripped off the legs of my old metal ironing board and then attached the top to a bookcase. I realized the legs of an ironing board is wasted space otherwise. Then there is my candy counter with jars filled with inspiration and my most favorite fabrics within arms reach. 

My "Candy Counter"
I have an extra large table with cozy chairs and a vintage chandelier. Finally,the space is topped off with many favorite things; inspiration pieces, knick knacks, vintage stitcheries and Paris memorabilia. Enjoy snooping in my craft space. I would love to see pictures of your creative space- no matter if it's a table a closet or a room.

The Sewing Nook

Craft Table and Extra Cozy Seating
By the way, just a hint, my crafting sister and I are creating a larger version of a craft room for our Bon Bon market. What would you like to see in the Bon Bon Market's craft room?

Au revoir, Anastasia

Bestowing Crafting Blessings

Ironing center- sans the useless legs

Favorite fabrics

So many sweet "treats" to choose from

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