Thursday, July 21, 2011

August is all about Bon Bon

Bon Bon Market Mascot
Bon Bon pertains to "A candy that often has a center of fondant, fruit, or nuts and is coated with chocolate or fondant." But the French often use the word to pertain to anything that is a sweet treat. In French the word bon is also used to wish something good, such as Bon Anniversaire, which means happy birthday or bon appetit for good eating. 
Vintage utensils to dish up your Bon Bons

My crafting sister and I decided to use the term Bon Bon for our August Market to pertain to all the "sweet treats" of living and crafting. We will have our own version of a craft room with candy colored sweetness. We hope you will stop by in August to have a peek at our own creative take on Bon Bon.

Bon Living!

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