Saturday, June 18, 2011

Popping up at the wedding!

The last few days have been filled with visions of a rustic wedding.  We were asked to style the table for the lovely Bloom desserts at a wedding.  I love the challenge of creating a style for a special event using found treasures.  (Had my crafting sister been here, she would have had her mind on this too but she has her mind on visions of sand and beaches-I'm sure she'll tell you more later!)

So here's a tiny peek of part of the special event we popped up at today!  Oh what fun it was!


  1. This is starting to drive me crazy figuring out who posted this! Which one of you is on vacation?

  2. Hey Nina
    Anastasia went on Vacation! We hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  3. Oh, ok. Thanks, I am having a wonderful summer. I'm going to try to actual (for once) make it to the July market.