Monday, June 27, 2011

Luscious paints

I love love love Oops! paints.  It's like an addiction.  I actually begin to feel my heart race as I drive over to my favorite local hardware store to see what Oops! may have found itself on the shelf...just waiting for a new possibilities.

So normally I pick up the brighter shades or candy like shades but for some reason I picked up this beige-ish shade at some point and brought it home.  I had forgotten about it until the other day.  The chair I was working on already had so much color that a beige-ish seemed just right.

I opened the can, stirred and found the most buttery shade of cafe au lait -beige-ish.  Amongst all of the beautiful colors of Provence at our Picnique in Provence Market, this chair will still stand out as well with it's sand like beige and lovely upholstery.  And the Oops! matching table is quite a lovely sight as well!


P.S: Cat not included.

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