Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A year of reflection

I have been up late doing those tedious behind the scenes business tasks that my crafting sister and I immerse ourselves in from time to time.  I was doing the task I fear/dread/drink red wine before-checking our "back link and discovery analysis".  For all you "html"ers out there, you are probably laughing out loud.  I was not though-as I typed those words into my google search engine.  You see, the technical stuff is not our favorite and yet I find myself pulled into trying to understand the new technology out there and trying to interpret it in a way that relates to us and our craft market.  After scrolling down the page of "back link and discovery analysis", I found the blog entry entitled "the blonde Jessica." As I re-read the blog that is just over a year old, I smiled as I thought about how far we have traveled through our simple little idea of opening a monthly craft market.
I smiled as I thought about all of the friends we have made, the laughs we have shared and the new ideas that we have had a chance to act on (for good and for bad-you should see some of the things I have decided to re-create instead of sell!) Despite whatever "back link discoveries" are made, we have been so fortunate to have so many people wander through our French market and return to wander through again and again.

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