Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pushing me

"Bonne fête des mères" or Happy Mother's Day to all of you special Mom's out there!  Today I received a kit for a nail re-do from my 11 year old fashionista daughter.  I really love the floral design but am not one much for manicuring my nails past clipping. My nails gets covered with an extra coat of unintended paint or removed with a layer of unintentional modge podge.  So I decided that I would add the floral design kit to my toes instead.

As we completed our manicure and pedicure, it occurred to me that my sweet daughter is beginning to gently push me to try things I probably would never think of trying.  And for that, amongst a plethora of other reasons, I'm so happy to be a Mom.

I also realized how much everything becomes full circle.  My incredible Mom, pushed me to try things I maybe never would have and here my own daughter is pushing me.  A petit example of a push but felt in the heart strings as a major chord today.

Hope your Mother's day was tres bien and may you be open to the "pushes" in life!

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