Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not always as planned...

So today was going to be the magical day where my entire nuclear family was to gather and enjoy ourselves at the newly outdoor pool. Everyone was in agreement that this would be fun.  See, having an 11 year old daughter, 9, 7 and 3 year old son does not always lend itself to planning the perfect day for everyone.  In fact it calls for a lot of compromise on everyone's part.  But, like I said-today was going to be perfect.

I went outside after getting ready for our "perfect" day to find a large gaggle of boys throwing water balloons at each other and aiming water guns in every direction.  I could sense the surge of testosterone as soon as I stepped outside.  I sipped my coffee and smiled on as I watched the rays of sun flickering in my 9 year olds thick blond hair.  I chuckled to myself watching my 3 year old son trying so hard to be a part of the big boy stuff and our sweet little neighbor girl standing smack dab in the middle of it all and totally un-phased.

Then, I saw it-the hose nozzle looked different. There was a long pipe attached to it and it was extending from the wall of our house by at least a foot.  I thought to myself-that just doesn't look right.  Took a sip of my coffee and was just thinking that the pipe should really be shoved back into the house.  I calmly told my husband who was also enjoying the spontaneity of outdoor bliss and he yelled "Turn off the water!"  He ran inside.  That was when it hit me- that all was no longer ok-our brief moment of bliss was about to change.

The rest of the afternoon was spent calling our oh so patient insurance agent (have I mentioned the diet coke spilled on our laptop or the impending roof repair claim?)  and moving our furniture off of the sopping wet carpet in our finished basement.

We did eventually enjoy a cookout with my mom and finally ate dinner at 8pm.  I then had to call the doctor on-call because my son was covered in hives over his entire body and was itching like mad.

And to think that I thought I had nothing to write about today...how was your holiday weekend?

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