Sunday, May 29, 2011

événements spécial: Tres Bien!

The Exhibit
 The kids were quite excited to show off their photographs at the exhibit held at Confectionique' événements spécial Petit Musee on Thursday evening . What a special evening with happy children and families searching through the space to find their photograph.  The photos were lovingly arranged and displayed by their art teacher, Betsy Delzer. Cookies and punch were served. The guests mingled and chatted while the music of the jazz trio, Standing Mavis, played in the background. What a fabulous time. Thank you to all who attended, to Betsy for her support and inspiration and the petit photographers and families for their enthusiasm for art and creativity. 
Merci Beaucoup
A Photograph
Anastasia and Jessica

Awesome Jazz Trio, Standing Mavis

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