Sunday, June 5, 2011

Details, Details

I am getting that bug again. I can't help it, my mind just won't stop some days. I want to focus again on change, refurbishing and refining details.

One thing I truly appreciate about Parisians is their attention to the  detail. The product displays, the wrapping supplies, how a table is set at a cafe', the unique personalities of every metro station and the art.

My hubby and I have a favorite little park just on the other side of the Tracadero where we love to eat our sack lunch. I've been to this spot many times in the past, sat on the same bench near the same garden sculpture. When  this time when I took a closer look at the sculpture I found this little snail perched on the back side of the statue. This darling, little snail just hiding, hoping someone would take the time to notice him. What a delight to take the time to look more intently and appreciatively at something and to find such a surprise.

So, I am getting out some paint, finding some new furniture and dragging my crafting sister along for the ride in finer details of Confectionique.

Au revior,

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