Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dancing with Degas

One of the most prolific painters and sculptors of ballerinas was Edgar Degas. When I wander the Orsay Musee in Paris I enjoy spending time with the expansive collection of his works dedicated to these dancers. Certainly being a ballerina in the time of Degas was far less respected than it is today, but his paintings are filled with such beautiful soft coloring, movement and flow of the dancers that you can just imagine yourself as a spectator. Here's my own version of Degas' Ballerinas. You will find them dancing on their tip toes at the Bijou Market May 12, 14 and 15.

Au Revior,


  1. Degas paintings leave you with the lingering feeling that you just might be a ballerina yourself! So do these cute figurines... I love the figures! Tres vintage! ;)

  2. Can't you just imagine yourself on your tip toes and stretching your delicate hands to the sky?

  3. Ahhh, memories of my girlhood birthday cakes. It was never complete without the dancing ballerinas! Love these trinket boxes and of course, adore Degas.


  4. Hi Diane
    So happy these bring back good childhood memories for you. They were simply so much fun to make.