Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crafting Sisters Decide to Pop-Up!

A pop-up in Paris-We've been here!
It's happening everywhere from California to Paris; the pop-up restaurant. The general concept is that a restaurant will announce their next "pop-up" destination; reservations are made, a fabulous gastronomy party ensues, the restaurant packs up and leaves. Then the full-bellied crowds waits for the next announcement. The pop-up event can be anything from an extravagant experience to a little food trailer.

We've also heard of pop-up flea markets in Chi-town. This concept sounded so creative, unexpected and fun that we thought we would make our own pop-up market. The pop-up is a great opportunity to bring a vagabond dimension to our Paris-inspired, vintage craft market. Our plan might be downright silly, but it could be an exciting way to help us spread the word about Confectionique and connect with the crafting community at large.

So, weather permitting, we plan to have our first pop-up on Saturday May 21, 11am-1pm at Bloom Bake Shop on Parmenter St. in Middleton. We will be part of the excitement for Puppies on Parmenter!

If you are in our neighborhood for a brief time we hope you stop by and say  "Bonjour vagabond crafting sisters!"

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