Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why have only a Day?

I believe in Birthday weeks - not just one day. 24 hours flies by too quickly. So, I give myself a whole week to soak in the year gone by and my goals for the future.

What do I do with my special week? All sorts of things that are special to me: Hang out as much as possible with people I love, treat myself to pancakes at Denny's, drop in on a shop I haven't seen for awhile, re-decorate a room, go to an art exhibit or spend a ridiculous amount of time in a bookstore.

I know that I do these things throughout the year, but It's great fun to concentrate on doing a lot of what I love in a week. So, today is the first day of my birthday week and I am delighted to be spending the day doing something I really love; hanging out with my crafting sister at Confectionique. Cool to think that Jessica and I also celebrating a year at our sweet shop.

If you had a week to celebrate how would you treat yourself?

Hope to see you sometime today. I will be the one wearing the crown.
Au revoir,

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