Saturday, April 2, 2011

Remembering to look up

I've taken a quick break from creating for our upcoming market next weekend to share some  inspiration I found while traveling to the Windy City last week.

We (my 4 kiddos and hubby) traveled to Chicago for a 3 day break last week.  We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Science & Industry Museum.  Much fun was had by all and some very simple occurrences made our littlest guy the happiest.

Remember these?  I absolutely love that through all of the technology and remodeling  throughout these museums, these have survived.  I remember as a kid just loving the smell of that plastic melting and watching the magic inside the machine.

Clearly loved the magic of the Mold O Rama.  I know, I know, the phthalates -just go back in time for a wee moment.  Can you feel the warmth of the plastic drying in your hands?

You can barely see it but Joe raced over to have his Mold O Rama dinosaur photographed with the giant  dinosaur and his big sister Zola.

As we were leaving the Shedd and all of it's creatures, I began to look around at the main entrance area.  Have you ever noticed that the light fixtures look like the underside of a star fish or an octopus?

And have you ever taken a close look at the marine reliefs surrounding the entrances and exits?  I so appreciate it when someone adds that special something-that je ne sais quoi- to something that would have sufficed on its own but they didn't just leave it at that.  They added the extras, the little things that when noticed make us smile.

 When we're working  in our craft spaces, we often think of the smile factor when we create.  There are times when something is utilitarian that we'd like re-create but it needs to have that je ne sais quoi or it isn't ready for our Market.  And then there are those times when Anastasia and I find something and it's purely because of the grin it brings us.  (Maybe that's why when I was a kid, I had a complete collection of Mold O Rama figures)

We hope you'll stop by our Le Jardin Market next Thursday evening (April 7) and next weekend (April 9 &10) to see some of the lovelies we have re-created.  Before you leave, you'll be sure to grin at least once.  


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