Monday, April 11, 2011

Re-imagined Greetings

It made me smile when Jessica pulled a little stuffed animal out of her purse, "Zola made this for your birthday week", She said and placed it in my hand. I looked at the sweet seal with it's raised eyebrows, handmade party hat and holding a pinwheel with a sign that read "Happy Birthday-week Auntie Stasia".

Now what could be more perfect for me to receive for my birthday then a gift that was once-loved, re-imagined and handmade?

I propped the seal in a glass and placed him on the counter for all the customers to see throughout the afternoon of our Sunday market. A little girl, of about 7, came up to me and said, "Excuse me, are you the lady who is celebrating the birthday week?" Yes, I said with a smile. She went on, "Can I buy the seal or is this something you will be keeping forever? "I'm keeping my birthday seal forever," I said as I pointed her in the direction of Confectioniques selection of stuffed animals.

Thank you Zozo for your creativity and love. Doesn't Monsieur Seal look wonderful sitting on my mantle?

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