Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Birthday

I have to admit that I have had several close loved ones recognize that as we near our market date, I experience a wee bit of sleep deficiency.  I do admit that I have a day of sleep deprivation that I refer to it as "newborn days"  usually a couple of days before our Market.

If you have had children you undoubtedly remember those days.  Where you would wander, zombie like, from one task to another and forever grateful when your newborn was sleeping and you could shut your eyes briefly? That's how I felt today even though my youngest is no longer a newborn but nearing 3 years.  And even worse, I was out of coffee with the exception of instant packs.  (Instant packs are like eating granulated sugar when what you really want is chocolate.)

At first I cursed myself for not halting my crafting and going to bed earlier but then it hit me-Confectionique is like our newborn.  We have grown our little market over the past year and socialized it and thought carefully about it's upbringing.  It still means that I will have some "newborn days" where I just need to catch up on some needed sleep.  The thing is that I don't want to rest for too long because I don't want to miss out on any steps our business might make.

So then I regain my energy once I start posting about the amazingly talented and supportive vendors we have that have brought such lovely treasures to Market.  A smile appears on my face even as I type into wee hours of the night because I love what we have created and are doing.  I love how it started, the positive energy it has and how it continues to grow.  And like raising a "newborn", it takes a lot of support from everyone around us to maintain our stamina-even though it's all good.

Sleep Deprivation cause #1
Sleep Deprivation cause #2

So, a bit sleep deprived, I begin to anticipate everyone visiting our newly arranged market tomorrow night and this weekend.  I can't wait to see everyone's smile as they notice the changes.  

Every bit of effort or sleep deprivation has been and continues to be 100% worth it.

So here's to our Confectionique l'infant that turns one year old this month.  It has been one amazing journey!  Thanks for watching and helping our Market grow!


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