Sunday, April 3, 2011

Making Do

 When I came home today I happened to glance out my kitchen window to see a bird who decided to use an upturned pot as his make-shift bird bath.

I noticed he seemed quite pleased as punch with his "make-do" bird bath. He didn't require something new or expensive to get what he hoped and desired.

Making do with what you have has long been my mantra when it comes to living a comfortable life. There is nothing quite like recreating something new from what you already have or from an old or discarded item.  There's no need to live all your life this way- I like to treat myself to something new and expensive every once in a while, but my biggest thrill is my "make-do" sensibility.

We hope to see you at the Le Jardin Market on April 7, 9 and 10. We have created our own "make-do" bird baths and feeders from found items, given a face-lift to several pieces of outdoor and patio furniture, created some new lighting ideas. Perhaps our "make-do" approach will help you want recreate from what you already have.

Au revoir,

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