Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Le Jardin- Resting in Peace

In my world, I find everything about Paris charming and beyond comparison from anywhere else I have been. Now, I haven't been everywhere, but I have been many places, and to me, nothing compares to Paris.

In Paris, you even rest in peace in a thoughtful and charming way. The cemeteries are beautiful parks, with the histories of people planted in them. I have wondered and explored many cemeteries in Paris. It's a remarkable experience to walk through and among Paris' past. I've done some of the touristy things like checkout the guy from the Doors, pay homage to the likes of Edith Piaff, Chopin, Balzac, and Oscar Wilde. But mostly, I enjoy the peace and quiet, eating a picnic lunch among the long gone friends, and contemplate my own place in the world.

The law in Paris is that the family has one of two options for burial. You pay for several years or you pay for all eternity...however long that is. So, if all your family dies off and there is no one to keep paying for your spot- out you go (to the Catacombs I suppose) and the beautiful spot is leased out to the next person -- unless you buy the spot for all time and eternity. No matter how long or short or permanent a person's time is in that very spot, it is beautiful.

The precious memorials left by the living are heart-warming and heart-tugging. The tombstones are often artful reflections of who the person was: a beloved young father, an artist, an explorer, a soldier. People loved and remembered reside in these parks.

When I make my trek back to Paris in the fall, I will find my way to the Parks of Paris. Parks with those who are among the living and the parks with those who are resting peacefully in their sanctuary surrounded by beauty and love.

Au revoir,

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