Friday, April 8, 2011

Fair and Square

 Last night during our Nuit Blanche market, a young woman that we have seen before popped into our shop. She spent a long time looking through our Easter decorations and baskets. She then asked "Do you have two baskets that are similar?" The woman explained that she has two young daughters age 2 and 4. "You know," She said with a knowing smile, "I used to think it was silly when Mom's bought their young children similar things, I thought they just weren't very creative. But when I had my own children I realized that if all things didn't at least appear similar to the girls, it could be a real problem." Oh I remember those days, I thought to myself.

So after canvassing through the baskets, the woman and I realized that nothing we had at Confectionique would appear similar enough to the young filles. I offered to look through the remaining baskets I had at home to see what I could come up with. The woman found 1 basket in our collection that she really liked, but I couldn't find a similar enough one at home. However, I did find two baskets that were the same identical basket - one is pink and one is yellow. I lined them exactly the same, but with different fabric and embellished each with a different vintage image. I think the Easter baskets ended up being "Fair and Square". The same, but different. Now, I only hope it's what this nice young woman is hoping for.

It also got me to thinking. If you have a favorite basket, fabric or both- Jessica and I would be happy to dress up a special made Easter basket for you too and we know how important "Fair and Square" can be under certain circumstances.

We hope to see you on Saturday and Sunday for a Le Jardin market. It will be your last opportunity to find some Easter treasures.

Au revior,

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