Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Perfect Basket

When my kids were young, we hid their Easter baskets. They would run around the house, still in their jammies and hair in disarray as they would look for clue after clue to locate the basket of treasures their favorite bunny left for them the night before.

Easter baskets, like people, should come in all shapes and sizes. Variety is also fun and unexpected. Why buy the usual round basket from a chain store, when you can buy one that is green, unique and local? And what could you add to your unique basket? Well, Confectionique has a large variety of Easter delights to include jewelry, pins, adopted and repurposed animals, sweet Easter decor, reimagined small vintage linens, greeting cards and plenty of bunnies.

Our next market is Le Jardin, what a perfect time to buy Easter on behalf of the grand bunny. We hope you will come see our next Market and find the perfect basket to fill with French-inspired sweet treasures.

Happy Spring Greetings from
Anastasia, Jessica and the big rabbit with flopping ears.

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