Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucky me

Gil Gerard once said "I have a superstition about saying too much about what I want to happen, just in case it all disappears, or someone else comes along and beats me to it."

I think reasonable people can have superstitions -- or is that just my way of condoning my own superstitions? I have been able to let some of my old superstitions go- I took a chance and nothing bad happened, so I could tell myself that it would be okay to no longer hold on to this or that superstition. However, there is at least one with potentially serious consequences that I won't risk taking a chance to figure out if it is real or not: walking under ladders or scaffolding. No way, there is a reason for this superstition. First of all, things really could fall on you, but most important, you may be tormented with years of bad luck! Now that would suck. So, even in Paris, I won't walk under such things, and my hubby knows this. We will need to cross the street or even risk getting hit by a car walking along the side of the road. Yes, being hit by a car is far less concerning to me than years of bad luck.

On the good side, I believe in fortune cookies. They always come true, seriously. My hubby rolls his eyes and says it's simply luck and that the fortunes can mean just about anything. Or he will say with a sly smile, "Oh, lucky you." Well, to all the non-believers out there, I believe in my fortunes.

Here is my newest fortune I received from the good fortune fairy. Naturally, this is about Confectionique. When I think about all the hard work Jessica, our hubbies and I have put into out sweet monthly French Markets, I realize all the wonderful things we have been given in return: the chance to create to our heart's content, creating with my best friends, the opportunity to travel to Paris for treasures, the support and love of friends and family, building positive relationships with the community, and the happy faces that walk through our doors each month to pick a special something for themselves or a loved one.

So, as usual my fortune came true. I wonder what the next one will say? I hope it says, "You will get to travel to the place you love, with the one you love most, and reside there for a year."

Au revoir
Lucky Anastasia

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