Monday, April 4, 2011

Le Jardin- Part I- Among the Living

Although the weather continues to be chilly (reminding us that we still need our jackets and, for me, ear muffs), the tulips and crocuses have begun to peak through the cold soil. I love it when this happens. It's as if the new, young buds are giving old man winter the finger.

With the advent of Spring comes longer days, chilly sun, and more energy. So, I have been excited to begin crafting with warmer weather in mind.

Le Jardin means The Garden in French. Walking in Paris it becomes quite evident that Parisians, although living in a large city, adore le jardin. In Paris, space is at a premium, and Parisiens will take any opportunity to create their own little gardens or rest among one of the many city parks for as long as possible. It's rare that the French will remain in front of their computers while munching a quick lunch. Instead, they file out of the workplace to locate a small space of green to enjoy a light lunch and take in the the sights and sounds of nature. Such is life in "La Ville."

With each visit to Paris, we find another park that we hadn't known of before. There are certainly the most visited and beloved parks; the Tulleries outside the Louvre, the famous Luxemburg Gardens, and Champ du Mars. But there are also little known petite green spaces located off busy streets, tucked away in alleys, in courtyards of museums, and outside churches.

With the impending arrival of Spring and the love of all things gardening, this month will be dedicated to those with green thumbs, muddy boots and sunburned skin. We want to give you an opportunity to shop for your garden, your patio or your screened porch. Let the time of ourdoor living begin.

We hope to see you at Le Jardin Market the evening of April 7th and the weekend of April 9th and 10th.

A revoir,

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