Friday, March 4, 2011

For anyone with a failed project

Ok, so I found this beautifully embroidered bird picture at an estate sale. There was a sign that said "Free" written in crayon and the lovely framed piece sat beside it. I grabbed it quickly afraid that someone would see it before me. I bought a few little odds and ends but kept thinking about my new found bird treasure. So many ideas were floating through my head about the possibilities of the the lovely picture. I arrived home and took it inside. Once I brought inside I could tell it really had been loved but nothing a good gentle cycle in the wash couldn't take care of. Then, the rest of my life -my 4 kids, 2 Beagles, 2 cats and everyone needing a meal took over. I set the picture in the laundry room to be dismantled from the frame and washed.

A week passed before I was able to perform the first step of Confectioniquing the embroidered bird picture. One cycle through and some of the imperfections on the fabric faded. The hand sewn details all in place. Ok, now ready to complete step 2.

I brought the cloth piece downstairs to my crafting space, set it on my work table and there it sat for 2 more weeks. Another meal to make and many many other tasks to keep up with in the house were calling me.

So last night, I finally began repurposing the lovely find. I added some vintage lace pieces to camouflage the previously loved signs on the fabric. I stepped back and thought-it needs something Confectionique...ahhh....that's it! I searched through my fabrics pieces for just the right French inspired piece and then added the French stamp. I sewed it in place and in my mind I could already picture hanging the treasure in Confectionique. The next step, would be simple. Just place staples around the frame, replace the back of the frame and Voila! C'est Fini! I rushed to find my staple gun and began the final step. Ca-ching, Ca-ching, Ca-ching. Ah the sounds of staples forging their way through wood. The sound of an almost completed project. I'm sure I was grinning . I decided it was important to check that the fabric was being stretched just the right amount. I gingerly lifted the frame to see the front side when I realized why the Ca-ching of the staple gun resonated even more tonight-I had broken the glass inside the frame. ARGHHHH

I stifled the slur of swear words culminating in my mind (my 4 kids and 2 very sensitive beagles were lounging in the other side of my crafting space) I kept telling myself- how could I have not thought this one through? How could I not have figured this out ahead of time? The frame and vintage glass were so pretty...Then-the voice of reason took over-the voice that has given me sanity at some of my most frustrating moments-

I quietly said it aloud-my kids all turned their heads in my direction. They knew something was up from the sound of broken glass hitting my big wood craft table. I said it again to them gaining confidence as I reiterated the words:
Maybe it was just meant to be!

I quickly cleaned up the glass, and remembered the utterly hideous picture I had bought purely because of the frame (think bad artwork in a hotel or Denny's restaurant). Then, I started with the next step. I removed the Denny's inspired theme painting from the terrific frame. Having a second chance to re-create my found treasure, I decided I would add some French script stamping in the background and mount the embroidered picture on some vintage laminate sheets I had in my stock of "found" wallpapers. I finished putting it all together and you know what? It looked so much more charming then the first attempt.

Maybe it was just meant to be.

Hope you can see the lovely handmade work that has been re-created and will hopefully hang on someone's wall for many more years to come!

The Le Lapin Market is quickly approaching March 10, 12 & 13! Not only can you see this saved treasure but you can also enter your name to win a Spring Basket filled with goodies!

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