Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eye of the beholder

"Look what I found at St. Vinny's today," I showed my hubby. He looked up from his computer, looking forward to seeing something more amusing than I was holding in my hand. "What is that," he said, not so amused. "It's Louis the XV," I continued with excitement. "Well, it's kinda ugly, what do you do with it?" he asked. "It's a statue, so you can put it just about anywhere as a decorative piece," I said with conviction. My hubby replied with all the support he could muster, "If you like it, that's what matters." "I think I will keep him in my craft room," I said as I looked at his lovely attire and rubbed my fingers along his curly hair. My hubby with enthusiasm and a smile said "I really think it's the best place for it."

That's code for "Don't put that ugly thing where I will see it on a daily basis."

I can imagine several of our readers looking at my Louis and having the same reaction. After all this is the quintessential old person accessory. But, I truly can't resist such things. There are similar figurines at the Cognacq-Jay Museum in Paris. So, this little Louis, broken finger and all, reminds me of that sweet little museum.

I looked at Louis' soft face. "He isn't ugly," I thought to myself. Right now Louis with the inquisitive expression on his face is resting on a shelf in my craft room looking over my shoulder as I craft away. I know my hubby thinks he's kinda creepy, but I think he is so charming.

Au revoir, Anastasia

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