Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Objet Detritus Challenge

It all started with the Shayna Chairs.

Over the past several months we've had customers drop off pieces of fabrics or trinkets that they no longer needed. We've also had customers ask, "I've never known what to do with this thing I have, or I no longer have a use for it, would you be willing to make it into something wonderful?"

This gave us an idea and when one of our devoted customers, Ellen, dropped a couple of her mom's unwanted items at our Nuit Blanche market, the idea became a reality.

We've decided that Confectionique will welcome donations of just about anything from our customers (decided on a case by case basis). It could be something you were going to donate anyway, or something you want to part with, but couldn't bring yourself to drop off at a donation center. Our plan--to re-imagine your once loved treasure and sell it in our shop. We will then donate 10% of the proceeds to the Mom Pantry in Middleton.

So, Ellen, thank you for bringing us our first, "Objet Detritus" challenge. Our goal is to have them completed by our next Market.

Au revoir,
Anastasia and Jessica

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