Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I just can't resist sharing a bit

So I have this secret interest and every year that I was homeschooling my kids, I would hope that they would become passionate about my covert whim. I love the idea of following the Iditarod. Ok, I said it. What on earth does this have to do with our Market you wonder? Possibly absolutely nothing. But, as I was sneaking a peek at the line up for the race this year I realized that I wanted to share my interest with the people that have shared their interests with me at Confectionique. The people that really make Confectionique what it is...a welcoming place, an escape to somewhere else, an inspiration to create. It is all of things and more because of our supporters. It's because you're willing to share with us your memories about a certain vintage item you found while strolling through our market. It's because you're willing to express how much you like the different look of each monthly market. It's because you so appreciate the treats that we have brought in from Bloom Bake shop (we can tell the way everyone carefully and gingerly chooses just the right one!) So even though no one out there may be following the Iditarod, I thought I could share a bit-just as all of you have when you share with us as you visit our petite Paris. Merci for listening and Merci for sharing all that you do-we can't wait for you to stop by our March Le Lapin (the Rabbit) Market.

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