Friday, February 18, 2011

The first événement spéciale

We continue to dream that Confectionique will be more than a craft store, but a true Parisian experience. Everything from the displays, to the merchandising and packaging to the experience of being in our sweet boutique. Some months ago, and after our visit to Paris, we also decided that Confectionique would also be a venue for cultural experience- an opportunity to bring together a small group of people in an intimate setting to share everything from literature to cuisine.

We can't thank local author Becky Pouchot enough for being our very first événement spéciale guest last night. With the wave of our creative Confectionique wand, our boutique was transformed into a setting for a book reading. We had about 25 special guests who enjoyed mingling, drinking wine and enjoying small treats from Bloom Bake Shop. At 7:00 Becky read excerpts from her up and coming book, tentatively titled "Spittoons Aren't Just for Cowboys." What a joy it was for us to watch the interactions between the audience and the author as she shared her childhood experiences in a funny and heartfelt way.

We looked at each other throughout the evening, without saying anything, knowing that another part of our vision for Confectionique had become a reality. Merci Becky for helping yet another dream come true.

Au revior,
Anastasia and Jessica

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