Thursday, February 3, 2011

Designing Love

I've helped my children redesign their rooms more times than I can count. When they were young, I enjoyed helping them get reorganized (again) and create spaces that felt new. Sometimes we moved all the furniture around or sometimes we would all switch rooms for a big change. Believe it or not, this ritual was a weekend of fun for the kids and me. At that time, money was always tight, so a great challenge was to find once-loved items or just reuse what we had in new ways.

Several years ago, I started a small business called Restless Nest Interiors. I've enjoyed helping people get the most out of their nests through organization and design, all on a budget and in a way that maintains the person's personality by using much of what folks already had. Over the years I have redecorated large and small spaces.

The kids are grown, but you know, I still redecorate for them. Sometimes we just move things around or do my famous "room switcharoo."

My son is an artist and his wife a science-minded gal. He tattoos and she looks at what grows under microscopes. They both have lovely things, but have a difficult time putting their things into their apartment in a meaningful and organized way. So, they were quite pleased when I offered to redecorate their apartment as their wedding gift.

I am officially sore from 2 very full days working with the kids. We painted, cleaned, organized and decorated 4 rooms. The results are fabulous. I so enjoyed seeing the kids light up with glee as they watched their mish-mash college collage transition into a real grown up apartment.

At our Maison Decor market you may find a little something; a pillow, piece of furniture, art or an accessory. It could be the start of your own nest re-do. As for the coo-coo clock, my son picked it up second hand. It goes fabulously in their retro-Renaissance parlor.

Au revoir,

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