Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh geez......

No, this isn't the result of some sort of a cookie explosion from the Santa cookie jar. This was the result of a coffee grinder gone awry.

The morning began with my forgetting to empty the coffee thermos, of it's old contents, prior to beginning the re-brewing process which resulted in coffee flowing everywhere, hence requiring paper towel clean up (thanks Honey). Then, as I prepared to make a new pot of coffee and finished grinding the beans in the new grinder, I somehow pushed the button with no lid, hence the need for the vacuum. Boy, those little coffee pieces can work there way into all sorts of places.

So, now that we have finished cleaning up my morning mess and drinking some, long deserved coffee, I will make my way to my craft space. Lets hope I don't give myself 3rd degree burns with my glue gun or get my hair caught in a drill...oh wait, I've already done that.

au revior, Anastasia

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