Friday, November 19, 2010

Bum Knee

Is it a Murphy's Law thing that one would have some sort of ailment when there is so much to do? If so, I have been the epitomy of Murphy's Law lately.

I have been dealing with a bum knee on and off for many years, but these days it's more of a bummer than usual. I guess it was walking 15 miles a day in Paris and then climbing the 284 steps up the Arch de Triomphe with a bum knee that did it, but the view was certainly worth it.

So, I have to thank most especially Jessica for being a supportive crafting sister by taking on a lot of the physical burden over the last several days and thank you to Adam, David and Rosie for all your help as well. I have gotten pretty good at painting while sitting with an elevated leg. Luckily my mind is still working. I can still dream up ideas.

PS....thank you to Rosie for crafting some sweet vintage holiday decorations like this darling snowman wreath.

Au revior,

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