Monday, October 11, 2010

A crafting sister only an ocean away....

We were so excited to find Nathalie in Paris! She is a young, darling, creative French woman who opened her shop about a year ago. Her shop is situated on a bustling little street off of Rue du Faubourg St. Antoine in the 12th Arrondissement. The area could best be described as a larger version of Willie Street in Madison. It has delightfully creative shops, open air market, colorful restaurants and a young, progressive population. Several times we were asked by the citizens of this neighborhood "How did you find us, Americans and many French don't even know we are here?"

When we walked through the door we were immediately struck by the mix of styles, colors and products. The wallpapers were toile patterns which mixed wonderfully with her vintage style, the couch covered in a patchwork of colors and her fun pillows. You simply couldn't help but smile.

Natalie's shop was full of sweet surprises at every turn. We were ooohing and aaaahing so much that I think we were beginning to sound like a broken record. You couldn't help it though. Her jewelry designs were so lovely and full of whimsy, her pillows were made of fun fabrics and the clothing lines were just darling . When Nathalie told us all the fun events she holds at her shop and the other woman who bring in their creative designs too, we thought, we have found another crafting sister. We talked for a good while and exchanged business cards. What a sweet surprise to find Nathalie.

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