Saturday, September 11, 2010

Telling it like it is.

Leave it to kids to really tell you what they think. That is one of the things I appreciate about my son. He would give me his solicited and unsolicited opinion on all kinds of things, from my wardrobe to meals to hairdos.

His statements of truth, as he saw things, started off with the following disclaimer "No offense Mom, but....." Here are some examples through the years:
1. "No offense Mom, but your new hairdo makes you look like a boy."
2. "No offense Mom, but that dress you are wearing looks like you are wearing a tent."
3. "No offense Mom, but you didn't put enough spices in your spaghetti, but it tastes okay, I guess."

Now, I wasn't always grateful for his advise, but that was just my Benjamin. Plus I know that his intentions were never meant to be offensive. He simply was telling it the way he saw it and it was always out of love.

I love you dear son of mine. I can hardly believe that you are getting married in 1 week. No offense, Ben but part of me secretly wishes that we could have stayed in Neverland forever.

Au revoir,

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