Sunday, September 26, 2010

No rest for the weary

"You must try the Czech goulash while you are visiting Prague," our driver told us as we sat in the back seat weaving though the antique roads of the city toward our apartment. "It's quite heavy, you know," he continued, "so much so that I can only eat it twice a year, if you know what I mean." "Then," he carefully instructed, "you must follow it with 2 beers, it's the only way to eat the goulash."

"Two beers," he repeated, "will be needed to wash it down." Adam and I looked at each other with tired smiles. We were in no mood for goulash.

The driver helped us with our luggage and quickly showed us around and how to use the 4 keys, two of them skeleton, and quickly dashed off. Naturally, we were so exhausted after sleeping very little and traveling such a long distance, but we resisted the urge to just turn in for the night. Nope, we took showers and told each other, and ourselves, how not tired we were. We are in Prague for the first time. No time to be a slacker. So, we took showers and headed off for a nice dinner.... A Rick Steves recommendation, naturally.

I think it was the rather large meal which included 3 courses, beer, wine and apertifs that was the straw that broke the camels back. We were in slumberland by 9:00. Good night Prague.

Na shledanou, Anastasia

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